Work on cleaning boilers, as well as energy and industrial equipment

The service is provided in the following industries:
Fuel industry
Electric power industry
Woodworking industry
Sugar industry
Petrochemical industry

We carry out work on cleaning the external and internal heating surfaces of boilers of all types from scale, carbon deposits, slag, and ash. We remove slag from burner screens. We clean fireboxes, gas ducts, electric filters, bins, tubular air heaters, cyclones, scrubbers, collectors, ash removal channels, condenser tube bundles, water and steam superheaters, as well as boiler coolers of all types. We also carry out cleaning of condensers and other heat-exchange equipment of power plants and industrial enterprises from all types of application using high-pressure hydro-jet treatment plants of up to 1500 bar. Cooperation with us in this direction means an increase in heat transfer in heat exchangers, as well as an increase in heat perception of heating surfaces.


ENREMO LLC was established in April 2016 as an outsourcing company based on a separate subdivision of LVIVENERHOSPETSREMONT OF DTEK ZAKHIDENERGO PJSC, which was established in 1972. The specialists of our company have many years of work experience Therefore, based on our knowledge and experience, we offer: 

  • Timely and high-quality cleaning of your equipment in a short time
  • The optimal selection of methods and tools for high-quality and safe work on cleaning your equipment
  • High-quality cleaning of your heat exchangers, tanks, evaporators, coolers, tube bundles, and other equipment from the most difficult types of deposits and drifts using the hydro-jet method
  • Master
  • Boiler cleaners
  • High pressure machine operator

Our company has many years of experience in performing these works at thermal power stations. All work is carried out in full accordance with technical norms and rules, including:

  • Mechanical surface cleaning using hand and pneumatic tools
  • Equipment washing
  • Hydro-jet cleaning with a high-pressure machine is the most effective way to clean the most difficult deposits and scale with a water jet which is formed by supplying 
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