Repair of buildings and structures, strengthening the bearing capacity of reinforced concrete structures

The service is provided in the following industries:

We carry out a full range of repair, reconstruction of buildings and structures, strengthening the bearing capacity of reinforced concrete structures of power plants and industrial enterprises. Cooperation with us in this direction means increasing the life of buildings and structures, reinforced concrete structures, improving their operational and aesthetic characteristics.


ENREMO LLC was established in April 2016 as an outsourcing company based on a separate subdivision of LVIVENERHOSPETSREMONT OF DTEK ZAKHIDENERGO PJSC, which was established in 1972. The specialists of our company have many years of work experience Therefore, based on our knowledge and experience, we offer: 

  • Review, research with special instruments, and development of an individual project for the repair of your buildings and structures;
  • Repair of foundations (restoration and strengthening of bearing capacity), partial relocation (up to 10 %), as well as strengthening of stone foundations and basement walls, restoration of vertical and horizontal isolation of foundations, replacement of single stone and concrete pillars, which are at the stage of destruction
  • Repair of walls and columns, repairing cracks, installation of structures that strengthen stone walls, reposition of old brick cornices, lintels of parapets of pits and protruding parts of walls, reposition and repair of individual old sections of stone walls, reinforcement of concrete and stone columns by external reinforcement with composite materials and, in some cases, with special constructions (clips)
  • Roof and floor repair;
  • Repair of crane tracks;
  • Complete replacement of old window and door blocks, as well as gates of production buildings. 
  • Replacement and reinforcement of all types of stairs and their individual elements. 
  • Internal plastering, facing, and painting 
  • The optimal selection of methods and tools for high-quality and safe work.
  • Contractor
  • Reinforcement specialists
  • Concrete workers
  • Electric and gas welders
  • Painters
  • Specialists in the installation of reinforced concrete structures
  • Plumber
  • Construction carpenter
  • Plasterers
  • Ground-men
  • Inspection and investigation of defects in the middle of structures by ultrasonic devices
  • Cleaning surfaces from corrosion products and concrete destruction by a mechanical method;
  • Processing of metal embedded parts (fittings) with protective anti-corrosion mixtures using hand and pneumatic tools
  • Restoring the cross section of damaged elements;
  • Application of protective mixtures with the addition of carbon fibre tapes and webs on the surface of reinforced concrete elements to restore the bearing capacity of reinforced concrete structures. 
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