Repair of power lines, substations, open switchgear insulators

The service is provided in the following industries:
Electric power industry

We carry out work on the replacement of outdoor switchgear insulators, substation lines, repair of ground loops, repair of chimney lighting, repair of outdoor switchgear bus systems, repair of lighting systems, external and internal, replacement of 10 kV line wires, installation, alignment, replacement of 0.4-10 kV overhead line supports, anti-corrosion protection of supports, traverse of 220-400 kV means an increase in the life and reliability of your power equipment.


ENREMO LLC was established in April 2016 as an outsourcing company based on a separate subdivision of LVIVENERHOSPETSREMONT OF DTEK ZAKHIDENERGO PJSC, which was established in 1972. The specialists of our company have many years of work experience Therefore, based on our knowledge and experience, we offer: 

  • Restoration of the destroyed foundations of supports;
  • Padding of sagging wires and partial replacement of the wire;
  • Replacement of damaged insulators;
  • Correction of support defects; replacement of damaged support elements;
  • Anti-corrosive protection of supports;
  • Repair of ground loops;
  • Arrester test
  • Chimney lighting system repair
  • Repair engineer for open distribution points
  • Electricians
  • Repairman for open distribution points
  • High-altitude workers;
  • To carry out repair work on power lines in ODP, we have the appropriate special equipment (a telescopic tower with a lift of up to 30 m, an auger with a crane for replacing supports, traverses and all the necessary specialized electrical tools).
  • Our specialists attended special training courses at the Vinnytsia Training Centre.
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