Manufacturing, dismantling, installation of metal structures and equipment

The service is provided in the following industries:
Fuel industry
Electric power industry
Woodworking industry
Sugar industry
Petrochemical industry

We carry out a full range of works on the manufacture, dismantling of old and installation of new metal structures (pipelines, supports, cyclones, columns, platforms, railings, overpasses, etc.). Dismantling and installation of new equipment. Cooperation with us in this direction means timely and high-quality replacement of your damaged metal structures and the creation of new opportunities for your needs.


ENREMO LLC was established in April 2016 as an outsourcing company based on a separate subdivision of LVIVENERHOSPETSREMONT OF DTEK ZAKHIDENERGO PJSC, which was established in 1972. The specialists of our company have many years of work experience Therefore, based on our knowledge and experience, we offer: 

  • Development of design solutions for the dismantling and installation of equipment. 
  • We organize preparatory work (scaffolding, drawing up rigging schemes of various kinds of complexity, etc.).
  • Using our own developed base of design solutions, we are ready to manufacture welded metal structures from sheet and rolled profile metal of various kinds
  • Installation of various kinds and complexity of metal structures
  • Installation of new equipment, relocation of existing equipment to other places
  • Design engineers
  • Electric and gas welders
  • Installers
  • Repairmen
  • Climbers

To carry out the work on the manufacture of metal structures, we have the necessary equipment:

  • For metal cutting (table with plasmatron, guillotine shears, cutting machines, gas cutting equipment);
  • For metal processing (turning and milling machines, press, rollers, bending and folding machines, etc.)
  • For welding (welding machines and semi-automatic devices, etc.)
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